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Alpha is a simple 32-bit, multi-document, configurable, highlighting and analysing editor for 370 and 386 assembler, Pascal, C, PL/X, FORTRAN, and related languages.


Editor view
  • Provides basic browse/edit functions.
    • Copy, cut and paste.
    • Box mode {column mode} select as well as line mode.
    • Special character insert for diagrams etc.
    • Display characters at the current cursor position in Hex.
  • Invokes the appropriate compiler.
  • Cross-references labels.
  • Searches files in a directory for a string.
  • Displays the program call structure.
  • Highlights keywords, comments etc.
  • Suppression of selected lines and comments.
  • Matches BEGIN/END pairs.
  • Record/playback keystrokes.
  • Expands the procedure call in a secondary window.
  • Search of compiler include paths.
  • Conversion to upper or lower case.
  • Clearing selected areas to blanks.
  • Tab expansion.
  • Customization for highlighting and language support.
  • Bookmark support.
  • Analyse 32-bit ".EXE" and ".DLL" files and dis-assemble the code object.
  • Display a file in hexadecimal and characters.
  • Automatically save a file after n changes.
  • Automatically indent new lines.
  • Compare two files and create a composite file.
  • Edit/analyse an arbitrary number of files at a time.
  • Simple spell checker.

Author: Lionel de Lambert