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Alexander Taylor, better known as just "Alex Taylor" is a prolific Canadian programmer based in Japan, he is an authority on internationalisation and character API's on OS/2.


  • OS/2 and Multilingual Character Sets
  • An Introduction to the OS/2 Unicode APIs - presentation (2006)
Republishing Permission
Alex Taylor gave permission to release his articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide requested received the permission on October 28 of 2012 via e-mail.


Software projects

  • Archive Viewer - Tool for viewing and extracting archive files of various types. - Open Source
  • ATSHELL - Small program designed to replace PMSHELL.EXE - Open Source
  • ConText - Utility for converting text from one encoding (codepage) to another. - Open Source
  • DBCSMAP - Character map program for Unicode and double-byte characters. - Open Source
  • FreeType/2 - Presentation Manager font driver for TrueType fonts. - Open Source
  • FrontenACT - Graphical front-end for the "Enhanced CTorrent" BitTorrent client for OS/2. - Open Source
  • IMERJ - input method editor (IME) for Japanese. - Open Source
  • InstFont - Simple command-line tool for installing a font under OS/2 Presentation Manager. - Open Source
  • MYIP - TCP/IP utility for querying the current system's IP address as seen from the Internet. - Open Source
  • TCP/IP Profile Manager - Lets you define and switch between multiple different TCP/IP configurations. - Open Source
  • VX-REXX Extras Library - API & class library designed to extend the functionality of Watcom VX-REXX (version 2.1). - Open Source