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ASL is an open source sockets class library for Virtual Pascal that runs on both OS/2 and Microsoft Windows, it has mechanisms that help you use TCP and UDP sockets, handle the SMTP, POP3, NNTP, FTP and CVS protocols as a client as well as handling SMTP and POP3 as servers, encoding and decoding using UU, XX or base64 in addition to basic message handling capabilities for text and HTML.

The library was not fully finished when the author abandoned it, but fully functional and unlike some similar socket libraries includes full source code. Portions of this library have been used to build up the socket libraries in Free Pascal. The library is a Delphi style object-oriented class library and should be an easy port to other systems that support that sort of class libraries such as WDSibyl and TMT Pascal but correspondingly slightly more difficult, although by no means impossible, to port to classic, extended or Turbo Pascal style libraries.



See also: vpTCP (older, less functional and lacks source code)


Open source software released under the following conditions:

  • The following text must be shown with your own copyright message in the program and documentation:
"Portions copyrighted 1998-2002 by Soren Ager"
  • You may ONLY distribute the whole unmodified archive.
  • If you make ANY modifications to the source you HAVE to send all the changes to me for inclusion in a future release.