A Closer Look at Software Installer

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Software Installer has a wide range of features and customization capabilities to address all of your customers' installation expectations, in addition to CID-enablement. Software Installer allows installation from diskette, CD-ROM, host, as well as for unattended LAN installations.

Software Installer is customized primarily through two files, a catalog file and a package file. Each file consists of multiple entries consisting of entry types and keywords. Entry types select Software Installer features; keywords define how each feature works.

Entries have the following form:

entry type

The catalog file contains general information about your products such as product name and version/release/modification number. The package file contains information about your product's files, which lets you install your product files and customize your customer's workstation. The package file also lets you specify the OS/2 Workplace Shell objects to be created or what CONFIG.SYS changes should be made.

For more information on Software Installer for OS/2 or Windows, call 1-800-IBM-CARY (919-469-7763) or fax 919-469-7423. Questions on Software Installer for OS/2 are addressed on CompuServe (OS2DF2, section 8) and the INSTALL2 forum on the IBM TalkLink BBS.

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