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AM/ST or Application Management for Smalltalk/V is configuration management system for Smalltalk/V systems that was developed by a company called SoftPert, which was actually a subdivision of accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand. The system offered hierarchical organisational functions such as giving each object an owner and offered compatibility tools, in addition to automatic documentation, source control and static & dynamic analysis of source code. The toolkit got rather good reviews and even managed to get a Productivity Award at the Dr. Dobbs Journal Jolt Awards in 1991.

The system also had optional stronger source control tools that could be added to the system such as a Change browser that simplified saving and working with multiple code revisions at once and an advanced source control system that gave check-in, check-out and lock functions.


  • 1991: AM/ST v3.3

Licence and availability

Discontinued commercial software, Prices were:

  • For Smalltalk/V DOS USD 150.
  • For Smalltalk/V DOS/286 and Macintosh/V USD 395 respectively.
  • For Smalltalk/V PM on OS/2 USD 475
  • Optional Microsoft Windows support USD 475
  • Change browser USD 195
  • Advanced Source Control USD 1595