Roman Stangl

  Roman is 30 years old and has worked for IBM Austria since 1994. He has been a member of a C/C++ OS/2 project. He is currently involved in check processing outsourced to IBM by an Austrian bank. He got his first PC in 1982 and quickly made the transition from DOS to OS/2. Besides OS/2 programming, he uses his LAN at home to try out emerging technologies like multimedia and WWW applications. Additionally he has some hardware experience and doesn't hesitate to use a soldering iron. Besides being interested in everything related to PCs, he is interested in high-tech from A to Z. He is a single and lives in a household with his parents and loves to care for the peach trees he has grown from the cores. He now has his own car, but prefers public transportation utilities.

You can reach Roman at Roman_Stangl@at.ibm.com.

Roman has written the following articles:

Adding BLDLEVEL information to executables  (June 1997)
Fitting a Notebook into a Dialog  (July 1997)
Notebook Key Processing  (August 1997)
Rebooting OS/2  (September 1997)
Disabling a Window (Rectangle)  (October 1997)
Managing DOS Settings  (July 1998)
Calling PM from AVIO Applications  (August 1998)


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