Paul Floyd

  Paul Floyd works for Netmansys, in Meylan, near Grenoble in France. Netmansys produce TMN mediation products for CMIP.

He has a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, in the field of Optical Data Storage, obtained at the University of Manchester, UK.

He has been using and programming for OS/2 since about April 1993.

He worked for IBM UK Labs Hursley Park in 1987/8, but was in no way responsible for Presentation Manager.

e-mail: mbhpfpj@afs.mcc.ac.uk or Paul.Floyd@netmansys.fr.

Paul has written the following articles:

A Look at EPM 6.0x  (December 1995)
Dr. Dialog  (January 1998)
Adding syntax highlighting to EPM  (May 1998)
A Discussion of Oberon  (August 1998)
A Description of the Oberon-2 Language  (August 1998)
XDS Oberon  (May 1999)


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