Peter Childs

  Peter is an undergraduate Computer Science student at the Flinders University in South Australia. Last year he studied Mechanical Engineering at the Adelaide University, and the year before he was a Missile Number serving with 111 Air Defense Bty (Lt) of the Australian Army.

Peter is a member of the South Australian OS/2 User Group and the author of the POPWatch mailbox watching program (OS/2), and the Inf-HTML suite, which allows batch or runtime conversion of OS/2 INF files to HTML (platform independent).

You may reach Peter

...via email:

pjchilds@imforei.apana.org.au - Internet

...World Wide Web homepage

http://www.imforei.apana.org.au/~pjchilds - WWW

...via phone


Peter has written the following article:

Inside INF  (September 1995)


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