Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E.

  Marco J. Shmerykowsky is a professional engineer and computer consultant in New York City. Professional structural engineering services are provided by SCE/Shmerykowsky Consulting Engineers and computer solutions are provided by SCE Computer Consultants.

In addition to writing for EDM/2, he writes engineering programs, authors articles on utilizing the Internet in the engineering profession, and manages his personal web site, The Out-a-Time Information Center, which has a growing list of OS/2 and computer related links.

Finally, he's always on the look-out for new innovations in the computer industry. If you find something interesting then drop him a line at marco@panix.com.

Marco has written the following articles:

OS/2 E-mail Client 3-Way Review  (June 1997)
OS/2 Observations, Rumors, & Tips from PC Expo  (August 1997)
The Service-Oriented Home Page Primer  (September 1997)
The Internet Adventurer  (October 1997)
InJoy Internet Dialer V1.1  (December 1997)
An Interview with IBM about OS/2  (February 1998)
A Commentary on the IBM Interview  (February 1998)
Designing Web Pages with Home Page Publisher 2.0  (March 1998)
I-net 101 - A Brief History of the Internet - Part 1/4  (June 1998)
I-net 101 - Electronic Mail Basics - Part 2/4  (July 1998)
I-net 101 - The Basics of File Transfers - Part 3/4  (August 1998)
I-net 101 - The World Wide Web - Part 4/4  (September 1998)


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