Mike Ruddy

  Mike Ruddy is the author of LXOPT and formed Functional Software Ltd in 1989. After graduating from Brunel University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Mike went on to poison, gas, drown and incinerate millions of innocent people. So far these homicidal tendencies have been confined to computer simulations for risk analysis in the oil, shipping, aircraft and chemical industries. He currently pursues a more peaceful career creating performance enhancing development tools and can be contacted via funcsoft@cix.compulink.co.uk or Compuserve Id 100325,3650.

Mike lives in Suffolk, England with Lindsay, "Chopper" the pet lobster (currently in the dog-house when his playful antics turned out to be a hunting technique) and a reduced number of tropical fish.

Mike has written the following article:

Reducing the Code Load  (June 1995)


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