Martin Lafaix

  Martin Lafaix is (among other things :) a Team OS/2 member, and he first met OS/2 in the 1.3 days. His main interest points with OS/2 are programming environments and developement tools.

He is the (proud) author of MLEPM, an EPM add-on which provides PopUp menus, highlighting, ... and of the soon-to-be-released MLRXSHL, a set of tools for command-line users (including a command-shell front-end, with filename completion, a FILELIST-like directory browser, ...).

He can be reached via email at: lafaix@mimosa.unice.fr

or via surface-mail at:

Martin Lafaix
16 rue de Dijon
05800 Nice

Martin has written the following articles:

Using SYSLEVEL Files in Your Applications  (May 1994)
Resources and Decompiling Them  (June 1994)
KEYBOARD.DCP File Format  (March 1995)


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