Joe Wyatt

  Joe has been working in OS/2 since 1.3 and has programmed in REXX on four different platforms. REXX projects have included elegant, complex systems in both VM and OS/2, operating system automation in MVS, and your basic "quick and dirty" tools in DOS. He has recently mustered up the courage to jump into the world of consulting and self-employment. (God help him.) He makes his home in San Antonio, Texas with a wife and four children (along with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle, varying numbers of fish, and a rabbit).

He can be reached via internet address joe_wyatt@iqpac.com for comments and criticisms.

Joe has written the following columns:

REXX inside and out - File I/O  (January 1996)
REXX inside and out - EDM/2 REXX utility library  (February 1996)
REXX inside and out - Date()  (March 1996)
REXX inside and out - Interpret  (July 1996)


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