Jörg Schwieder


Jörg Schwieder lives in Berlin, Germany and is a student of Economical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin [as of November 1993 -- Ed].

He is a developer for the DOS, Windows, and OS/2 platforms and has used OS/2 since version 2.0. Some years ago he worked for some home computer magazines writing articles about programming tasks and columns. When time allows (and is not spent with editor configuration), he works on PmTerm, a replacement for the system DOS and OS/2 command line windows.

He can [as of November 1993 -- Ed] be reached via e-mail at: kirk@cs.tu-berlin.de

His post address is [as of November 1993 -- Ed]:
Jörg Schwieder, Wieckerstr. 2
13051 Berlin, Germany

Jörg has written the following article:

Customizing the Enhanced Editor  (November 1993)


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