Ivan Skytte Jørgensen

  Ivan has two IT educations as well as a few half-year courses. He has made several freeware and shareware programs for DOS, OS/2 win16, win32 and Un*x. He is currently employed in a small firm in the transport business where he is maintaining a operational client/server system, a mail system/gateway, EDI-interface and numerous hacks^H^H^H^H^Hextensions into the Progress 4GL. His interests are among others distributed systems and cross-platform development. When he is not sleeping, eating, working or reading science fiction novels, he works on a multi-platform multi-compiler GUI/multithreading/IPC C++ library.

Ivan can be reached at isj@image.dk or 2:238/64.17 in FidoNet.

Ivan has written the following articles:

SMP - Symmetrical Multiprocessing  (July 1997)
Hunting Memory Bugs  (August 1997)


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