Eric Slaats

  Eric Slaats teaches information technology at the Hogeschool Eindhoven, Faculty Economics Sr Business Informatics. Besides teaching he has written a number of books. Currently he is researching the behavior of neural networks in a financial environment. He started programming OS/2 PM to build an interface for a Neural network problem in september 1994. He's the author of (among others) the Smalled editor.

Besides writing and working (to much) he enjoys playing lead-guitar with his blues-rock band.

Eric can be reached electronically via the internet at E.Slaats@fe.hse.nl.

Eric has written the following articles:

The Infinitely Floating Spinbutton  (February 1995)
Building an Editor -Part 1Custom Controls  (April 1995)
Building an Editor -Part 2  (June 1995)
Building an Editor -Part 3  (November 1995)
Easy Buttonbars  (September 1995)
Bubble Help  (December 1995)


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