Edward Boykin

  Ed Boykin will be graduated this winter from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has been studying programming on his own for about three years and will probably be continuing at Tech to get a Master's degree in Computer Science or Engineering. His current OS/2 projects include a POP and SMTP e-mail program for OS/2 and other network client/server projects. He is currently working as an intern for Racetrac Petroleum Corp, doing client/server programming using Microsoft Windows NT and Oracle.

He can be reached at gt5584e@acme.gatech.edu.

Edward has written the following articles:

Plugging into OS/2 Socket Programming - Part 1/3  (September 1995)
Plugging Into OS/2 Socket Programming - Part 2/3  (December 1995)
Plugging Into OS/2 Socket Programming - Part 3/3  (January 1996)


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