Dean Roddey

  Dean Roddey is a Senior Software Engineer at the Java Technology Centre in Cupertino, CA. He is appalled by the actions of his government's leaders, but his inability to figure out which one of them is the good guy prevents him from straightening the whole thing out at this time. He can be reached at droddey@charmedquark.com. Dean is also the author of the CIDLib Class Libraries, a shareware C++ development system for NT and Visual C++. See his home page at http://www.charmedquark.com for details.

Dean is moving to the new Java Technology Centre that IBM and JavaSoft are putting together. He'll be there at the start of the new year.

Dean has written the following articles:

OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions  (November 1995) (link not operational currently)
Stupid Enumeration Tricks  (June 1996)


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