Dave Raymer

  Dave lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife, two sons, and five dogs. His current employer is Suite Software, a small privately held company which produces an object oriented, multi-platform distributed operating system. He has worked extensively in Windows/DOS, and OS/2; both at the device and application levels. Additionally he has worked in X-Windows/UNIX and NeXTSTEP, as well as in MVS and VMS.

Dave can be reached in the following ways. Please do not hesitate to contact him for any reason. He is available for Q&A issues (preferably through e-mail.)

   Internet  --   dave@suite.com
   Prodigy   --   shph80a

   Work      --   (214)980-9900
   Home      --   6528 Levitt Drive
                  Watauga, Texas, 76148

Dave has written the following article:

OS/2 Presentation Manager Drivers  (April 1993)


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