Dave Briccetti

  For those of you who don't know me, I'll tell you a little about myself. I have been developing applications for OS/2 since 1987, as an independent developer and consultant. I am a cofounder and the president of the OS/2 Bay Area User Group, a large, independent organization of OS/2 users and developers. Most of the development work I have done has been with C and C++ and PM, in the areas of business and scientific programming.

Recently I have felt compelled to do something flashy and fun; either games or edutainment software development for OS/2. I bought several great books on graphics and game programming, and now IBM has released Beta 1 of its OS/2 Warp Entertainment Toolkit. I'm ready!

My web site is at http://www.davebsoft.com/ and I may be reached via Internet email at daveb@davebsoft.com.

Dave has written the following articles:

OS/2 Warp Game Developer's Seminar  (September 1995)
Sending Mail with REXX  (December 1995)


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