Brad Scharf

  Brad discovered computers while attending university and still hasn't been able to kick the habit. He has been using OS/2 since the release of 2.0 and has used it exclusively since the release of 2.1. Now he's trying to teach himself PM programming while surrounded by his wife, 3 small kids, 2 rabbits and a small dog (all living in a little house in a little town).

Brad's internet address is brad_scharf@iqpac.com.

Brad has written the following columns:

Under the scope - PSTAT PM/2 v5.10 - EditINI  (January 1996)
Under the scope - Guidelines 3.1j  (February 1996)
Under the scope - Mr Ed 1.04, UniMaint 4.0  (March 1996)
Under the scope - Guidelines 3.2  (May 1996)
Under the scope - Web Explorer Toolkit, Guidelines - The Language (JOT)  (June 1996)


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