Andre Asselin

  Andre Asselin recently graduated Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He has worked with OS/2 since version 1.3, including several beta copies of version 2.0, and also has extensive experience with MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. He has co-oped twice in IBM's TCP/IP Development Department in Raleigh NC, where his responsibilities included the NFS client and server components of TCP/IP for OS/2. In August, he will be rejoining the group full time.

Andre is also a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, and enjoys hockey, the beach, and a good science fiction novel. He can be reached via email at assela@rpi.edu or on CompuServe at 73765,673.

Andre has written the following articles:

OS/2 Installable File Systems - Part 1/3  (May/June 1993)
OS/2 Installable File Systems - Part 2/3  (October 1993)
OS/2 Installable File Systems - Part 3/3  (December 1993)


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