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From the Editor

Written by David C. Zimmerli


  Welcome to the September 1999 issue of EDM/2. We realize we've missed several months' worth of issues this year, and we appreciate your patience in waiting for this new one. Unfortunately, it's been a long dry summer not just for rain, but also for new OS/2 articles. Without your help, EDM/2 may need to become more of an occasional publication, rather than a monthly one.

Which brings me to my soapbox plea for this month. There's been some discussion on the editor's mailing list of reader surveys and other feedback mechanisms. While I support this idea, I also think the best form of reader feedback is writing more articles! So if you're out there reading EDM/2, if you've absorbed and applied this knowledge in your own development, why not let us know about it? Write an article of your own telling how you used and extended the ideas you found here. As somebody famous probably once said, the sincerest form of appreciation is contribution.

In the meantime, there is some good news for this month. We welcome a new contributor, Mr. Ken Hubacher from IBM, who has written a detailed guide to setting up the Workspace on Demand feature of the new Warp Server for e-Business. Also, Stefan Ruck has written a substantial piece expanding on his previous article about singleton objects. And since source code is the ultimate system documentation, we've started a project to write a streamlined version of OS/2's kernel loader module, for which source code will be freely available.

Enjoy the issue-- and keep the articles coming!