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From the Editor

Written by David C. Zimmerli


  Welcome to the April 1999 issue of EDM/2! We apologize for the absence of the March issue, which was caused by the negotiations and planning involved in setting up the new editorial team.

It is my great honor and privilege to have been designated interim editor-in-chief of EDM/2. I will continue in this role until such time as an OS/2 developer emerges with the scintillating personality and on-line charisma needed to fill Carsten's shoes-- which could be a while.

This month we have three contributions from Henry Sobotka: an introduction to the source code control system CVS, an account of OS/2 development activity that took place during the last quarter, and a listing of ongoing OS/2 development projects. Also, Carsten has reviewed a book about some specialized OS/2 Warp programming topics. Finally, in my ongoing efforts to encourage the hacker mentality in the OS/2 community, I have written an article about the "micro-kernel" deep within the caverns of the OS/2 system.


David C. Zimmerli