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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  There are still some CDs left for those of you who do not yet have one.
The CD has all issues of EDM/2 live, with fully functional long filename hyperlinks. The long filenames are implemented with Microsoft's Joliet file system, which OS/2 supports with recent fixpacks. The EDM/2 CD contains:
  • All EDM/2 issues in html format from March 1993 until September 1998. Nearly 6 years of OS/2 development information, articles and source code.
  • Nearly all issues of EDM/2 in INF format.
  • The *complete* Hobbes /dev archive, including sub-directories.
  • Warp 4 Fixpak 8 (including a GUI installer) (mislabelled as Fixpack 6)
  • Java 1.1.6
  • Netscape Navigator 2.02
  • Communicator Beta, oh well :)
  • The Xitami webserver
The price for the CD is $25 US and it can be purchased online at:

or by calling 1-800-414-4268. Three things to know: add /w to the CDFS.IFS line in your config.sys to enable the Joliet file system (needs at least Fixpack 5), and the "6" on the Fixpack page is a typo; it is indeed Fixpack 8. Finally, here is a link to a fixed installation script for the fixpack.

Announcement (repeat): I am looking for an editor. I have been doing this "job" for so long that I can almost not remember what it is like to have spare time for other things, and I would like that to change. I am hoping that by January I will have found a suitable replacement editor. If you are interested and have some qualifications (you don't need to have designed half of OS/2, just to be a decent programmer, and have some experience with OS/2. Contacts would be a definite bonus, as would any previous web work,) please mail me and we can talk about it. I do not want to bail out and leave things to take care of themselves, so I hope to have some good candidates soon. I have worked too hard on EDM/2 to just let it float off without someone capable at the helm.
I will stay around at least for a while, just to make sure that everything gets handled well, and also to continue to review books. That is how I originally started, and I still enjoy that, so whoever takes over will have at least one steady columnist.
One reason that I am leaving at this point is that I have pretty well met or exceeded all of my goals for EDM/2. The new layout, the style, the little improvements in colouring code, the bookstore and the links to Amazon, the courses, the links to previous articles in the same series, having all of EDM/2 as HTML, the release of the CD, and many other things all came together with help from the OS/2 programmer community, and I have pretty much run out of steam and ideas for now, so I figure that it is time for some new blood.
Get cracking people! Find me a suitable replacement editor, and I will be happy to hand things over, and show the new Ed around. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciao for now,