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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  The EDM/2 CD is out! I have placed a link on our top-level page. BMT Micro is handling the sales, so credit cards and cheques and so on are all possible payment options. This way the shipping charges are also minimal, as they already have a whole system set up to handle this.
The CD has all issues of EDM/2 live, with fully functional long filename hyperlinks. The long filenames are implemented with Microsoft's Joliet file system, which OS/2 supports with recent fixpacks. The EDM/2 CD contains:
  • All EDM/2 issues in html format from March 1993 until September 1998. Nearly 6 years of OS/2 development information, articles and source code.
  • Nearly all issues of EDM/2 in INF format.
  • The *complete* Hobbes /dev archive, including sub-directories.
  • Warp 4 Fixpak 8 (including a GUI installer)
  • Java 1.1.6
  • Netscape Navigator 2.02
  • Communicator Beta, oh well :)
  • The Xitami webserver
The price for the CD is $25 US and it can be purchased online at:

or by calling 1-800-414-4268. Three things to know: add /w to the CDFS.IFS line in your config.sys to enable the Joliet file system (needs at least Fixpack 5), and the "6" on the Fixpack page is a typo; it is indeed Fixpack 8. Finally, here is a link to a fixed installation script for the fixpack.

I apologize for the lateness of this issue. I am now working 35 hours per week, as well as taking two courses at school, so I have had my hands full. As if this wasn't enough, for some reason parties have been sprouting like weeds recently, and friends reappearing, so my social life has picked up somewhat as well. All told, that leaves very little time for more important things like EDM/2.

Ciao for now,