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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  We have finally received enough interest to go ahead and produce the EDM/2 CD, and we will be taking orders very soon! The CD will include a ton of stuff, including all EDM/2 issues in HTML, nearly all in INF, all live, and in addition, a web server, the latest Warp 4 fixpack, Netscape, both versions, the latest Java, and the dev directory from Hobbes. This CD will probably be one of the most sought after CDs ever for OS/2 programmers! I personally can't wait to get my hand on one :)
Other than that, it has been a relatively quiet, but busy month. My personal life (read: school) has kept me on my toes. Check out my personal web page (there is a link from my author page) to see what I have been up to, if you are interested in computer graphics and OpenGL.

There really isn't much else to report this month. Check our front page frequently, and/or WarpCast, for an announcement of the availability of the pre-ordering form for the CD. We will not take any money until we ship, so feel secure in ordering it. The shipping and handling will be managed by BMT Micro, so shipping will be as affordable as possible, and shipping to other countries will not be a problem. The price is the very low $25 US I had hoped for, since we had enough interest to support that price.

À Bientôt,