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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  At last another issue. It turns out I was a touch optimistic about having more time this summer. Taking a grad-level course is a lot more work than an undergraduate course, so time is full, yet again.
Another issue has been converted thanks to Chris van Doorn. Chris must be one of the most active people in the world of OS/2 these days; his name pops up everywhere. Three cheers for Chris.
James Scott, Jr., an IBM employee has sent in a snippet for this month on how to use dialog controls in a PM window. Thank you, James.
We have a new article on mSQL, updating the information in the previous one with the new version of mSQL.
Also sent in is an interesting article on what to do with old Modula-2 code on OS/2.
This month we kick off a great new series from Marco on the internet. This series is meant as an introduction more than a technical treatise but there should be something there for most people.
Finally, Björn trucks on with his C++ series. This long-running series is nearing the end, but Björn still asks what else you would like to see, so send him a note.
Graphics, graphics, I ask and Perry is back from a brief hiatus abroad, with another OpenGL column. If anyone else is interested in sending in graphics stuff, I would be delighted. Eventually I may write some myself, but that will be after I get more time, ie. probably not this summer.

Big news: we are planning to release an EDM/2 CD this summer sometime. It will have all the issues, live, as well as the zips, the source code and the INF issues. If anyone has anything to contribute to this CD, please contact me soon with "CD" in the title. The work must be your own, and must be free of claims. We do not need rights to anything, but we don't want any legal hassles either.
The price and exact format have not been decided yet, so if you have anything you would like to say, mail me soon, again, with "CD" in the title.

Speak to you later,