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The News

Written by Aram Agajanian




In April, IBM refreshed the OS/2 Device Driver Pack web site. New additions include the GRADD display drivers, Workspace On Demand LAN adapters, and additional audio drivers.

Version 3 of Object Rexx for OS/2 Warp has been updated. The latest build is dated 98/03/25. It fixes several known bugs, but also has new functionality over the initial release of Version 3. The Object Rexx update is freely downloadable.

IBM has posted a Warp Server Backup and Recovery white paper on the Web.


Early registration for Warpstock '98 in Chicago, IL, USA, began during April and will continue until May 31. Warpstock is an annual conference for SOHO and home OS/2 users. Online registration is available at BMT Micro.


A port of pgcc 1.0 for OS/2 has been released by the Pentium Compiler Group. pgcc is a descendant of the gcc compiler enhanced for Pentium-specific optimizations. It can be freely downloaded.


IBM has made available a pre-release version of Java 1.1.6. There is a sign up page on the Web to receive an ID and password to download the prerelease version.

IBM posted a "technology preview" release of version 1.1 of their High Performance Compiler for Java (aka Jikes) for OS/2 on the Alphaworks web site. This release supports a subset of the JDK 1.1.1 APIs. Dynamic class loading is also not supported.

The Jikes Debugger was released on Alphaworks on May 1. It can debug a remotely executing Java program.

IBM also released a number of other Java tools on the Alphaworks site in April. There is an Install Toolkit, a runtime application monitor, as well as several libraries implementing Internet APIs such as KQML, PKCS11, and RDF. Also released is an IPC library called Shared Data Objects.


IBM's NetRexx has been updated to v1.132 and is now available for free download. NetRexx is an easy-to-use Rexx front-end to the Java language. New features include support for Java's Nested and Member Classes.

The 9th Annual Rexx Symposium is to be held May 11-13 in Durham, NC, USA. Scheduled speakers include Mike Cowlishaw, on NetRexx as well as Kurt Maerker and Ingo Holder of the IBM Rexx Development team. More information and a downloadable registration form can be found at the RexxLA website.


The Xitami web server has been updated to version 2.3a. The multi-threaded Xitami server is described as "fast, portable, and best of all free". For more information and downloading, see the Xitami web site.

The GoServe Web and Gopher server has been updated to Version 2.52. GoServe is a freely available and is released under IBM's EWS program. The new version has improved support for HTTP/1.1 clients.

PMStripper, an HTML to text converter, has been updated to version 1.14. PM Stripper can be installed in Netscape Navigator/2 and IBM Web Explorer for viewing HTML source as a more legible document. PMStripper is a shareware and is distributed by BMT Micro.


A beta release of Virtual Pascal 2.0 is now available. The beta can be purchased from BMT Micro with a free upgrade to the final version 2.0 of the product. More infomation is available at the Virtual Pascal web site.

Text Editors

Sergey I. Yevtushenko has released V0.2.0l of Fast Editor Lite, a compact, text-mode programmers editor. The editor has numerous features including undo, syntax hiliting, and auto-indent. It is available for free download on the web.

The shareware Kon editor has been updated to Version 1.12 rev 1060. The new version contains display performance enhancements. For more information see the Kon web page.


DH-Grep-PM, a PM-based file search utilility, has been updated to Version 1.03. The new version includes bug fixes as well as user interface enhancements. DH-Grep-PM is available as shareware from BMT Micro.

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