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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Ah, finally, the term is over. Sorry about the delay again. I had problems with one article, a column arrived late and I was helping a close friend move, and then my dialup account ran out of money, yadda yadda.
As promised, the links to the April issue are still up. This should help people who gave up on that issue catch up. At the end of this month things should be back to normal though.
I grabbed a snippet from c.o.o.p.misc so this month there is a snippet. Rebooting OS/2 programmatically is the topic.
Listen, I tried asking for articles on graphics in c.o.o.p.misc but never got any answers. If you or anyone you know is interested in writing articles about GPI, Dive, you name it, mail me right away and I'll get you set up. Graphics are where its at these days and I want some of it here.
Chris van Doorn has started to convert old issues to HTML and 0201, 0202 and 0203 are now done and available. I also converted 0401 myself, so all that is left is 0206-0309, I believe, and some of these are almost done already, thanks to a previous conversion effort. Before the end of the summer, we should have them all done, with a little luck. Then I will touch up the look and functionality of the site, if everything goes as planned, which it never does :)

Well, that's that. Click on my sig to contact me.