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Written by Aram Agajanian




IBM has published on the web a white paper on the forthcoming IBM VisualAge for C++ Version 4.0 product. Significant features include support for the December 1996 ANSI J16 committee draft standard, incremental linking, a new IDE, improved project management, and improved support for templates. The document is also available in pdf format. Versions are expected for OS/2, Win32, and AIX.


IBM released an update to the 1.1.4-level JDK and runtime environments for OS/2 during March. The new build is called o114-19980319. The update installs on top of the original o114-19971111 build and all subsequent updates. It can be downloaded via ftp from IBM's UK Labs at Hursley Park in Winchester, England.

On March 24, Lotus announced Lotus eSuite DevPack availability. (The DevPack became available later in the week.) The DevPack is a collection of Java Beans and tools that allow programmers to enable their applets and applications with functionality found in the Lotus eSuite productivity suite.


On March 31, Netscape released Communicator 5 source code to the public for download on the web site. The source code is for developers and the release is termed "not even an alpha." The code is covered by the Netscape Public License.

JMA Software has released a new version of its shareware web browser. WebNav 2.0 is based upon the HTML rendering engine in Web Explorer, which partially supports HTML 3. JMA has added many features to make browsing easier. Some of these include online browsing and offline viewing, selecting a link before the page has finished downloading, a hierarchical bookmark list, and external Java support. A free 30-day trial edition is available.

The Apache web server for OS/2 has been updated to v1.3b5. This popular server can be downloaded freely via ftp.

Payne-Mennie Computing Services has annouced that FilePage v3.0 beta 3F is available for free download via ftp. FilePage creates a formatted HTML documents which allow a web user to download files from a specified directory.

Programmer's Text Editor

A new revision of the shareware Kon text and hex editor has been released. Version 1.12 rev 1058 includes improvements to the hex editor including copying blocks of nulls to the clipboard, insert mode, marking hex data a byte at a time, and more. Additional information and downloadable trial version is available at the Kon web page.

System Benchmarking

Version 0.9.4 of SysBench system performance benchmarking application has been released and uploaded to hobbes.


Irie Pascal is a multi-platform 32-bit Pascal compiler/interpreter with strong support for Standard Pascal (ISO/IEC 7185). A public beta release can be freely downloaded from Irie Tools and compiled on OS/2, Win32, and Linux.

XDS Ltd. has upgraded their XDS-x86 Modula-2/Oberon-2 programming system for OS/2 to version 2.31. New components include a linker, a symbollic debugger, a profiler, and a disassembler. The IDE remains at the 2.21 level.

Mainframe Connectivity

IBM has announced the CICS Transaction Server for OS/2 Warp, Version 4.1 on March 24. This package includes CICS for OS/2 Version 3.1, CICS Clients Version 2.0.2, and Lotus Domino Go Webserver at an improved pricing model. Enhancements in CICS for OS/2 Version 3.1 include CEDA dynamic resource installation, support for Multi-Region Operation (MRO) and Telnet TN3270 support, among others.


IBM has updated IBM VisualAge for BASIC for OS/2 and Windows to Version 1.1. Existing customers of Visual Basic Version 1.0 are entitled to a free upgrade to the new version. Signficant fixes include allowing multiple instances of executables to run simultaneously. However, on March 24, IBM announced that it would stop marketing VisualAge for Basic Version 1 on June 24.


James Clark has written an SGML parser called SP and a DSSSL style language engine called Jade. OS/2 versions of both have been made available for download via ftp by David J. Birnbaum.


Lotus announced on March 26 that the Global English edition of SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp 4 is shipping. Editions for other languages are to follow.

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