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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Another hectic month. I have been working furiously at a graphics course offered at the University of Waterloo, trying my best to get as good a mark as I can. Since January 1st, I have written a small OpenGL program to manipulate an octahedron, an X program to implement a complete set of transformations on a cube, and a puppet program to demonstrate hierarchical modelling. Currently I am working on a raytracer, for which I have implemented ambient, diffuse and specular lighting for a sphere so far, with much more to come. Whew. To make a long story short, sorry about the delay :)
We have an Intermediate C Course just about to start, so hurry up and get signed in. They will be using "The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition", so pick that up at our bookstore too.
Aram is here for his second month, and already he is looking good for the long haul, with specific sections laid out in each news article. Great idea!

On the topic of delegation, I have received several offers to help out with HTML, and as soon as I get some breathing room, I will be sending the responses out. Hang in there. If anyone else has something they would like to help out with, mail me.
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See you soon,