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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Welcome to the first issue of a brand-new year! Hopefully EDM/2 will continue to grow as it has in the past, and become even more of a pit-stop for every OS/2 developer on the Internet. Help spread the word. If you have any good ideas, send them in. I have a list of things to do, including such good ideas as having forward and backward links between articles in a series, so if there is something that you always wanted, send it now.
Well, life caught up with me, so I am looking to either pull out or to delegate a lot. I have some help already, but keep your eyes here, because there is more coming. Basically, I can't justify spending this much time on EDM/2 when I have so many other things to do, especially since my average pay must be in the cents per hour range :) I will likely stick around either as a figurehead or at the very least as some type of consultant, maybe even writing the occasional article.
I updated the Document Handling article last month with a link to the source code. Stephane Bessette sent me this to add.
The intro and intermediate C courses were delayed to January and February, respectively, to avoid the dead-season over christmas. Make sure you sign up early if you are interested, since we need to know if we have enough people to run them at all. At the moment it looks like just a few more people for the intro course will get it off the ground. The intermediate course is a little further away, but needs more people for sure.
Jorge Martins and family sent me another cartoon, so this month we again have the spoofy side of EDM/2.
We have had a lot of articles lately, but few columns. If you, or anyone you know is interested in writing for EDM/2 on some topic of at least tangential interest to OS/2 developers, let me know and we can discuss it. Almost anything goes, as long as it is good. You can look at our wanted list in the "Write for EDM/2" section, but it is out of date and needs many additions.
EDM/2 is looking for a new news correspondent. Oscar's life has caught up with him, and he needs more time. Anyone interested please mail me (you can click on my sig below). At the very least, you should be comfortable writing English, and reading comp.os.os2.announce and comp.os.os2.programmer.misc every day. Preferably, you will have more channels available to you. Anyway, write!

Yet another new snippet is on the site this month.
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See you soon,