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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



New version of GUI tool

Prominare Inc's Prominare Designer release 5b is now available. Prominare Designer is a GUI designer for OS/2 and Win NT/95. The new version contains enhancements for VisualAge C++ for Windows Open Class Library and can be downloaded free by owners of release 5a from where further details also can be found.

Binary patching tool

If you'd like to save size and bandwidth by distributing only patches of new versions of your programs (e.g while beta-testing) instead of the complete package, then BinPatch may be for you. BinPatch is available for DOS/Win 3.1, Win 95/NT, OS/2, and Linux and is free for non-commercial use. More information and the complete package is available at

Internet resources

There are a few new resources on the internet that might be worth mentioning. Timur Tabi has created a web page for the IRC channel #os2prog. The page contains information about the channel and the people using it. #os2prog is an IRC channel devoted to OS/2 programming. The page can be found at Next we have a mailing-list about OS/2 databases hosted by To subscribe to it, send a mail to with subscribe in the message body (not subject). Information about this list and other available lists, as well as archives can be found at

Enhanced E soon out of beta stage

There will only be one more beta version of PillarSoft's Enhanced E editor after their new V.18 beta. Then the first full version, 1.0, will arrive. The V.18 beta includes (as mentioned in last month's column) an integrated code template tool. Further additions are line and character number in the infoline. As usual the latest version and further information is available from PillarSoft's site

Updated database engine

The Bullet database engine from 40th Floor has been updated to version 2.50. Bullet is a database engine available for OS/2, DOS and 32-bit Windows. The OS/2 version includes a free REXX database engine and toolkit for C/C++. Fully functional versions and more information are available at

SCSI programming a bit easier

If you want to use SCSI devices but are afraid of the work involved in writing your own driver, there is now a device driver called ASPI Router that may help. The ASPI router forwards ASPI request packages to the OS/2 ASPI driver and by that allows you to access your SCSI devices without writing your own driver. Included is also a small C++ library to show you how to use the driver. ASPI driver version 1.01 is available at

New version of LogoArt

The vector-drawing program LogoArt from WorkLab has been updated to version 1.0.55. The latest version adds support for JPEG and fixes a number of minor bugs. There is also a special price offer on LogoArt right now. More information at

Not much this time; I guess summer is here and that it will be quite quiet for a while. But when your summer project is finished, do not forget to report it to

I am thinking about setting up a Custom Control Library, so if you have something to submit, contact me at Until next month, have a nice summer.