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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  This is yet another month where my schedule was too full for me to implement everything I was hoping to, but nonetheless, some things have changed.
For starters, we have a new column on OpenGL, authored by Perry Newhook. This exciting addition is very timely as OpenGL has recently been added to OS/2. You will find more details in OpenGL on OS/2.
In The Codesmith's Library, I take a first look at the venerable REXX Reference Summary Handbook update, OS/2 Warp REXX Reference Summary Handbook, by Dick Goran. This new update has all the old information and lots more.
Shai is back, and takes another look at Java Basics in his column. True to form, this is another long one.
The Martins family is back with another installment of Off the Beaten Track, this time in a spoof of bloatware.
Oscar cranks out the news as always, with some interesting tool updates.
Jeffrey Habets came out of nowhere with a review of the software protection software SecureIt, from Alan Mertner. While avoiding the rational and irrational arguments for and against software protection, this review examines the product in some detail.
Ivan Skytte Jørgensen submitted a last-minute article on SMP programming and spinlocks in OS/2 SMP.
The programmer's editor shootout continues unabated with a look at the top-end package RimStar Professional 4.0. This promises to leave the OS/2 programmer with an even harder choice of where to spend his or her hard-earned money.
Embellish 2.0 is the newest version of this program, and it makes quite a splash with new features and a beautiful interface. Take a close look!
Roman is back with a look at how to create dialog-based notebooks in another installment of this loosely organized how-to series.
Finally, Björn wrapped up the C intro series last month, and this month we see the first installment in the new, rapid-moving Introduction to C++ Programming.

We have another award! Take a look at our testimonials page and see what it is all about. PC Webopaedia, a PC Magazine Top 100 Web Site award winner, is the site which gave us the award.
Our busy team of converters have produced EDM0409.INF, EDM0410.INF and EDM0506.INF with promises that more will be forthcoming. Soon it looks like we will have the whole EDM/2 series of magazines as INF format files available! Once they are all done, I will create a big page with credits for all our converters so that no one goes unmentioned.
If you have any suggestions regarding layout, content, and so on, mail me by clicking on my signature below.

See you later,