July 1997
Volume 5 Issue 7

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OpenGL and OS/2
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A Programmer's Editor Shootout - RimStar Professional 4.0
The largest and most in-depth programmer's editor shootout series ever wraps up the commercial offerings with RimStar Professional 4.0.

Embellish 2.0
This graphics program gets a thorough first look as Carsten examines the new and old features it offers.

SMP - Symmetrical Multiprocessing
Ivan examines what it takes to write fast and safe SMP code for OS/2.

SecureIt v2.0 - Protext Your Software Against Piracy
Jeffrey takes a cursory look at this software protection package for programmers.

Fitting a Notebook into a Dialog
Roman returns to explain how to create dialog-based notebooks.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 1
In this first episode of the new C++ series, Björn introduces some object-oriented theory and starts on the syntax of C++.
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