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Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Last month's editor updates

There were four editors which got updated last month. Starting with MrEd which now reaches version 1.19. New features include skeleton files, section display in toolbar and search for files in multiple directories. MrEd has a homepage at, where the latest version can be found together with more information.

Next editor is Kon, which since last mentioned in this column has added features such as a configurable toolbar and Warp 4 notebooks. The current version is 1.06. Kon also has a homepage, located at

The third editor is really two, the Enhanced E and the Enhanced EE editors. New features in the 0.17 version, are importing of files and extended drag and drop. There is also a 0.18 version announced for June 1st which will include an integrated code template tool. The homepage of the makers of Enhanced E and EE, PillarSoft, are located at

Finally, the beta 2 of Editor+ version 1.01 is now available. The new features include toolbar, new hotkeys and a plug-in interface. Editor+ does also have a homepage, is the location.

New VisualAge tools

IBM are releasing new versions of the following VisualAge tools:

  • VisualAge for Smalltalk are released in version 4 and now supports HP-UX, Solaris, Win NT/95, AIX and off course OS/2.
  • VisualAge Generator version 2.2, it now supports the JavaBeans object model.
  • VisualAge for COBOL version 2 with support for OS/2 and Win NT. Compilers are also available for Win 95 and AIX.
  • VisualAge DataAtlas Multiplatform version 2 with tools supporting OS/2 and Win NT and servers for OS/2, Win NT, AIX and HP-UX.
More information at

Database tools

Unify Corporation are releasing their VISION with VISION/Web for OS/2. VISION/Web is an advanced client/server development environment to generate Java code without any Java programming. Clients for OS/2 will be available following the availability of Netscape Communicator 4. For more information about VISION with VISION/Web go to

MaxBase is a database suite written in NetREXX, which compiles into Java so it is highly platform independent. Included are a single DB library to extend when writing own programs, a GUI version, a client/server version (2 clients in standard edition, unlimited in extended edition), and an applet for presenting the databases on the net. More information about MaxBase can be found at

For xBase programmers there are two new alternatives. First we have Xbase++, a native compiler for OS/2 from Alaska Software. It is 100% Clipper compatible and should by that enable developers to just recompile the source code to get a 32-bit OS/2 application. It's been used in German speaking countries for around 1.5 years, so it's only new on the international market. More information at

Secondly we have Base32 from Maxxum Consulting, which generates dual threaded executables, can call C/C++ DLL's and includes extensions to use eg Yes/No PM boxes. More information can be found at Maxxum's homepage,

Delphi VCL upgrade for Virtual Pascal

fPrint are offering a free upgrade to let Virtual Pascal build applications for OS/2 written using Delphi under Windows. Since they are using Open32 and found it too slow and unstable, they have suspended further development of the Delphi compatibility, but they wanted to make it available in case someone could find a use for it. If you have Virtual Pascal for OS/2 and Delphi version 2, go on and fetch it.

Kit for Web graphics

Modular Dreams Incorporated has released their MD+F Web Animation Kit which is a tool aimed at people running a Web site. Features include GIF animations, pattern generation and image map creation (client and server side). Information with screen shots are available at

Dial-up for LANs

An updated version of Internet Gate for OS/2 has been released. Version 1.10 adds automatic dial-up for LANs, DNS proxy and IRC proxy. Internet Gate is a multiple proxyand gateway server that allows a LAN to be connected to the internet with a dial-up connection. Further information at

This is what I collected for this months column. Not much non-development stuff, but I guess it will grow as time goes on. If you have anything you think will be appropiate to put in next months column send a mail to: