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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Another month has arrived, and there are some very significant additions to the magazine brewing. For now, I won't tell you what they are, but by next month, I am hoping to have them all in place and ready to go. Keep your eyes on this spot!
The search facility works again, thanks to Dr. Dirk Terrell and Swish. Try it out and let us know what you think.
One major addition is the new column Off the Beaten Track, a monthly look at the computer industry from a different angle. A real family effort, this two-panel comic strip will be with us from now on. Please welcome Jorge, Paula, and Manuela Martins on board the good ship EDM/2.
This month Jorge has also written a book review for The Codesmith's Library, which will be a free-for-all column from now on. The book is OS/2 Warp Programming for Dummies.
Grinding Java is back again, with a look at extending the AWT with a toolbar. Yet again this column is quite long, so this month I have elected to move the code into separate text files. Let me know if you like this or if you don't like it.
The programmer's editor shoot-out continues with a look at the excellent Preditor 3.0. Ultimately not quite as capable as Visual SlickEdit, but half the price and still very full-featured, this editor is solidly in the hunt for the OS/2 programmer's cheque. Next month we wrap up the commercial offerings and move into shareware and freeware editors the following month.
Dan Bridges is at work on the final article in the HPFS series, but it was not ready in time for the June issue. As soon as it comes in, you will find it here.
A review of Embellish is in progress, but I ran into some bugs, and just recently received a bug fix which I haven't had time to fully test yet, so it will be in for next month. Instead, I have put in a review of the top three most popular mail programs for OS/2, PMMail, MR/2 ICE, and PRM, which I received last minute from Marco J. Shmerykowsky. This mailer review is a little odd in that each part of it was read and approved by the respective companies which released the mail programs, of course without losing any critical aspect. Highly unusual, and highly unbiased, it should be interesting reading.
Roman tells us all about BLDLEVEL and how to use it for your own applications. This is yet another little detail which separates high-quality applications from more run-of-the-mill programming. Take a look.
The WarpTris run-down finishes off this month, with a look at the PM side of the equation, and finally, the C introduction series rolls to a stop, with a final look at the word frequency program. Next month, we continue with an introductory series in C++.

EDM/2 now has four or five people working on getting the INF versions up to date, and we have three new ones already: 0411, 0501, and 0504. Look for more in the next few months.
As usual, if you have any suggestions regarding layout, content, and so on, mail me by clicking on my signature below.

Take care,