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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson


  Things are moving on quite nicely here at EDM/2. As we finally have our own domain name, I have yet another e-mail address. This one though would be good to know, at least if you have something you think should be mentioned in this column. From now on works just great to send announcements or comments to.

It has struck me that some headings might help the readability of the column, I'll at least give it a try.

Updated editors

Three editors have been released in new versions the last month. First we have Smalled by Eric Slaats which has been relased in version 1.45. More information at The second one is the relatively new editor Kon by Björn Andersson. Kon has now reached version 1.03 and has a homepage at, where the latest version is available. Mr. Ed by Matthias Pfersdorff is the last editor that has been updated the past month. Version 1.17 mainly improves the syntax highlighting.

Multimedia and games programming

Due to IBM cancelling their game developing page, Mathieu Pinard has started a web site on multimedia and game programming. You can find it at
The DSMI/2 (Digital Sound & Music Interface for OS/2) homepage has been updated with the latest information about DSMI/2 and a survey so that you can give the author, Julien R. Pierre, input on further development plans. You can also get your evaluation version there. The place to visit is

Easy Scanner Support

Solution Technology has released a new version of their TWAIN 1.6 compliant scanning package. It includes a Software Developers Kit (SDK), a multi-user TWAIN source manager, a Device Driver Kit (DDK), and drivers for different cameras, scanners and such. The SDK is available on DevCon 12 and higher. More information at

REXX Online Class and Updated REXX Library

ZDNet University are offering an online REXX class. The class is called "Hands On-REXX: Programming for OS/2" and is led by by Bill and Esther Schindler. More information at The class starts on March 17.
There is yet another version of RexxBOS, Logisoft AR's general purpose REXX library, out. The main new feature in version 2.0 is the CGI support. Further information can be found at

New CompuServe Forum for OS/2 Developers

There in now a new forum on CompuServe for OS/2 programmers. The OS/2 Central Developers Forum will discuss most kinds of OS/2 programming and has separate areas for more than 20 subjects. For Compuserve users the magic words are: GO OS2DF1. The OS/2 Central Developers Forum are run by Creative Systems Programming Corp. and Productivity Solutions, Inc.

Improved Disassembler with a FLIRT

The interactive disassembler IDA Pro from Data Rescue has in their new 3.6 release included what they call FLIRT (Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology). FLIRT can recognize calls to the run-time libraries and label them properly, so instead of getting something like: call sub_0_F66 you will hopefully get call _printf or something similar. It supports most compilers and is available in DOS, Win32 and OS/2 native versions. Trial copies and more information can be found at or where the latter is aimed to the U.S.

TCP/IP Tutorial Online

Norwegian Daniel Vedoy has made a small TCP/IP programming tutorial available at

Free Announcement Service

Finally, something that may be a bit off-subject, but it may be useful for some developers I think. F/X Communications are offering free announcements via the In-Joy ticker server. In-Joy is a PPP-dialer with its own server sending out ticker postings, a combination of text and/or sound. Contact Bjarne Jensen for more information. This offer will be valid until the release of In-Joy 1.1.

Please send a copy of your development related news to