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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Of REXX and Editors

This month the news will mainly be about REXX and editors, but some other stuff is also included.

First of all, the REXX FAQ is back. The new maintainer is Dave Martin. It has not been updated for a while, so please check it out and see it you have any ideas or updates. It is available at

If the FAQ is not enough for you then the fourth edition of REXX Reference Summary Handbook by Dick Goran may be of interrest. It is now updated for Warp 4 and covers both ObjectREXX and WPS maintenance as well as more standard issues. A table of contents is available at

A new version, 1.2, of RexxBOS is out. RexxBOS is a general purpose REXX library by LogiSoft AR. They also have a new web site located at which contains information about RexxBOS.

Two new shareware editors aimed at programmers have been released. The first is Editor+ by Christoph Bratschi and the second is Kon by Björn Andersson. Kon is the most advanced right now, with syntax highlighting and a built-in binary editor, but Editor+ has this on its to-do list and both editors seems to be updated quite often now in their infant phase, so I guess there will be a fast increase in features for both editors. The latest version of Editor+ can be found at, while the latest Kon release can be downloaded from

An update to the shareware editor Mr. Ed has also been released. Version 1.16 adds support for DDE (dynamic data exchange) and a number of minor improvements and fixes. You can get it from Maybe it is time for a review of available editors in EDM/2?

A new version of the Modula-3 compiler is now available for OS/2. Version 3.6 of the compiler is available from For more information on Modula-3, which is a Pascal-like language, look at the Modula-3 home page or the newsgroup comp.lang.modula3. More information on the OS/2 port by Klaus Preschern is available at

Functional Software announces that they are withdrawing their executable optimizing tool LXOPT because of "a general decline in OS/2 development".

A new beta of the SOM database OOxbase from American Coders has been released. Version 2.10 is available from hobbes. For more information contact Joe McVerry at American Coders.

PolyEx Software has added Visual Age 3.0 support to their Wordup Graphics Toolkit, which supports Watcom's compiler as well. They are making a survey to find out which additional compilers to support, so visit theirhomepage to give them your opinion.

This is what I have found for the recent month. If you have anything for upcoming editions contact me at