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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson


What's New In The World?

Our friends at IBM have announced DevCon 12, now with a complete CD with Internet and networking material. Check out the Developers Connection Homepage for more information. They have also released version 1.1 of OpenDoc, this version is cross-platform and lets you use OpenDoc in Windows 95/NT and AIX/6000. It also supports integrating Java applets into desktop OpenDoc solutions and includes support for Microsoft's ActiveX. More information from Club OpenDoc, which includes much more information about OpenDoc. As you probably know, the final release of Netscape Navigator 2.02 has arrived, but it also contains a beta of Java 1.02, so that could be of some interrest if you still want to run WebExplorer. Get it at Information about Java developments are at

Creative Systems Programming Corporation together with Productivity Solutions have started a new forum on CompuServe called OS/2 Central ( GO OS2CENTRAL for you connected). This is the first of what they say will be several new forums for OS/2 users. OS/2 Central includes special discussion areas for developers and they have invited what they call OS/2 experts to help staff these areas. Creative Systems Programming is the company developing Golden CommPass and the OS/2 CompuServe Information Manager.

Oracle Corp's client/server development tool Developer/2000 has been been updated to release 1.2. It includes Oracle Forms, Report, Graphics and Procedure Builder together with SQL*Plus. Developer/2000 now supports Oracle 7.1/7.2, the next version, planned for March, will support Oracle 7.1/7.2/7.3. For more information contact Yousuf Siddiqui, Product Marketing Manager at Oracle.

PolyEx Software has released the Wordup Graphics Toolkit version 5.1. The Wordup Graphics Toolkit is a collection of libraries, DLL's and tools for game and multimedia programming, originating from DOS. More information at

RexxBos 1.02, a Rexx library from Logisoft AR, has been released. It includes hundreds of OS/2 APIs and claims to have the most complete Control Program Interface available. Check it out at

Dean Roddey has released version 0.400 of his general purpose CIDLib class library for Visual Age C++. It contains among other things a ray tracing engine and a fractal engine along with more standard classes such as vectors, threads and strings. More information and a manual in HTML-format and full source can be found at

If you are following the device driver articles by Al Pike you may be interrested in his support library for the WFASTIO$ device driver called wiolib.dll. It can be found together with the device driver and more information at

If you have some development related news then please send it to me at