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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



It seems like EDM/2 is finally getting a competitor! Well, maybe not, but in their November issue OS/2 e-zine reviewed three development tools. These were the documentation tools Hyperwise from IBM and IPF editor from Perez Computing Services and the Java development tool J-Factory from Rogue Wave. Check out the reviews at

Another database tool has seen the light. This time it is Base32 from Maxxum Consulting, a native OS/2 xBase-compiler for Warp and Merlin. Get a fully functional evaluation copy from

Want to have better error reporting in your application? Then bfaError 2.0, an error reporting tool from bfa Ireland Ltd. may be something for you. It supports CSet++ 2.1 and Visual Age C++ 3.0 and shows informative error messages when something goes wrong. It can also log fatal errors and exceptions and check for stack overflows. bfa can be reached at

If you are a TeamOS/2 member you can now get a 35% discount on GUI design tool Prominare Designer and error monitoring tool Prominare Validator, both mentioned in an earlier column. Prominares homepage is at

YACL, Yet Another Class Library, is updated to version 1.6. YACL is a free C++ class-library for developing cross-platform applications and is available for Windows 3.xx, Windows NT, OS/2 2.1, OS/2 Warp and different Unix-flavours. A Macintosh version is also under development. It includes classes for GUIs, B-Trees, File I/O and different containers. Further information at

If you are a Modula-2 programmer then the PMOS source library might be something for you. This is now available for OS/2 from, further information at

An alpha version of RTMMM, the Real Time MultiMedia Mixer, is out. It can mix multiple sources into DART and it should be possible to write players for almost any sound source. Right now it supports MPEG2 audio, and has been able to play 5 MPEG2 audio tracks at the same time. Information from the author Filippe Sartori, or download the package at

Shareware editor Mr Ed has been updated to version 1.15. Among the new functions are: a line numbering area and graphic drawing functions, together with numerous minor improvements and fixes. Available from for the English version or for the German version.

A CASE tool for building utilities for S/390 applications called REDWOOD has been released in version 0.50 Beta-0. Availability is not known, but a package has been uploaded to the OS/2 Shareware BBS, Questions to