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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster

  Well, this month there are lots of news here.
First of all, I have been delegating like crazy. Here is a list of all the changes:
  • The new proof editor is Ewen McNeill
  • The new web site maintainer is Don Netzach
  • The C tutorial will be taken over by Björn Fahller
  • The API Project is now headed by Timur Tabi
I am still looking for someone/someones to write book reviews. If you are interested in this endeavour, e-mail me at, and we can talk about how to get it going. There will be no book review this month, although I still have two books to review, which I will do along the way as I get the time. My current feeling is that having two or three people doing this would be a good thing, as reading a book per month can get quite hairy.
This leaves me at the helm, writing this column, e-mailing everyone who has anything to do with OS/2 development, and making most of the decisions.
My personal life has dictated these changes, but I am very happy to be able to get things set up this way. These are all knowledgeable people with proven track records in OS/2 development.
Secondly, I am in the process of setting up a series of mirrors of EDM/2 around the world. In fact, I am calling the copy on my harddrive the main site (which can't be accessed), and everything else is also main sites. In other words, EDM/2 does not have one main site, but is more like a cross between the Internet itself, and the proverbial fine store, with a site near you. This should help us get more exposure throughout the world. If you are interested in hosting an EDM/2 mirror, mail me and we can talk.
The news column has been suffering a little from a lack of worthy news on a biweekly basis, but there should be a good amount for a monthly news column, so news is now monthly like everything else.
This month marks the return of the device driver series, with a new series on writing real-world device drivers, rather than hello-world device drivers. It should be exciting to watch this unfold, as the simple examples invariably fail to convey some real aspect of the actual job at hand. In addition, should you be looking for a driver for the same kind of hardware, here is a great start.
The HPFS series continues on in fine form, looking at performance of FAT vs. HPFS and other issues.

Finally, please note my new e-mail address: