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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson


Welcome Back

Welcome to the November news column. Not much this time but hopefully something will be useful for you.

IBM has released their Device Driver Kit for use with Warp 4 and now it is FREE! This will hopefully increase the number of device drivers, and therefore devices available for OS/2. It has now reached version 4.01. Check out Big Blue has also redesigned their Developers Connection pages to include fixes and more information. It is located at If you do not know what the Developers Connection is (or DevCon as it usually is shortened to), then you really should check it out as it includes almost everything you need to be an effective OS/2 developer (or AIX developer, as tools for that are included as well), most importantly, the OS/2 Developer Toolkit.

FaxWorks from Keller Group has been updated to version 3 with the release of Warp 4 (it also works with Warp 3), it now includes support for "faxing" via e-mail, Internet Relay System faxing, and support for voice modems. Everything can be controlled with an included REXX API, which is why it is included here. Documentation of the APIs, example scripts, utility programs, and information about their development toolkits can be found at Keller Groups new web site So now you can finally have an answering machine with mail boxes and fax on demand, designed exactly the way you want it.

Editors seems to be popular in this column as well. First, Compuware's ftp site is called and not as stated in the previous column, so the URL for a demo of their Preditor 3.0 will then be Smalled has been updated to version 1.41, which mainly includes GUI improvements. Information at The binary file editor hed has come out in version 1.5b, new features are among others: editing multiple files, improved search, and integrated assembler and disassembler. Available from hobbes at

Well, if you do not want this column to end up this short the next time, send your development related news to