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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster

  Back again. I have entered a kind of maintenance mode at the moment, keeping things going, but not spending a lot of extra time on EDM/2, due to other changes in my life. This does not mean that the magazine will go downhill, however. On the contrary. If you are one of the people who were frustrated by the frequent changes to the format, this is your time now. The format is quite good now, although it will probably never be perfect. Any further changes will likely be so minor that only those who requested them will notice.
Having said that, there are some changes this month. The first one is that the URL brings you to a new front page. I found it frustrating to have to duplicate the index page to get a top level page, and after numerous confused enquiries as to the whereabouts of certain items, I decided that the front page should be an "easy-access" page, with clear, logical links to all the material you need. If I have not quite succeeded, let me know, and I will fix it.
Next month we will be somewhere else. It is not yet quite clear where exactly, but by then I will know, and I will make an announcement on the newsgroups, and hopefully Panix will let me leave a forwarding page for a while here. I am not exactly sure what will happen with the URL though. There is some serious advertising on the way, and when it arrives, some of the money will be used to buy a new URL, likely,, or I still haven't heard many people express their like/dislike for a name-change, so if you have an opinion, let me know.
There are also mirrors coming. Many areas of the world do not have the same level of access as the US and Canada, and prices can be quite high. Therefore, local sites are always preferred. A mirror in Poland is coming, and possibly one in the southwest US. Keep your eyes on the new front page and the newsgroups for the announcement.
There are more columns on the way too. I won't say anything more now, but it should be exciting.
This month starts off a great new series on HPFS internals. I hope you enjoy it.
As usual, I love receiving feedback, both positive and negative. Negative feedback is best received if accompanied by suggestions, though. Mail me at