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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Since this is the first news report from me in EDM/2, I thought a minor introduction would be appropriate. I am a final year student at Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden. I've been using OS/2 since 2.1 and been programming for fun for a couple of years. Growing up with an Amiga, OS/2 was really the only alternative after getting used of multi-tasking. I will for now on cover the news and will hopefully submit a news article every other week. I browse c.o.o.programming.* and c.o.o.announce, but you are very welcome to send me information at:

Two new versions of popular compilers have been released:

fPrint UK are releasing an update of their Borland Pascal 7 compatible Virtual Pascal/2 compiler to 1.10. New features are a built-in linker and an improved debugger. A fully functional demo version is available from their WWW site: The next version is supposed to be fully Delphi compatible. Right now, most Turbo Pascal will compile right away and Turbo Power's toolboxes are available. It is reasonably priced at an MSRP of $249, so hopefully many Turbo Pascal programmers will convert their programs to OS/2. The story behind the compiler is interesting, starting in Ukraine where the author was to write a 32-bit operating system for running multiple DOS-processes via terminals as they could only afford to buy one 486, this was in 1990 and OS/2 didn't qualify then. Also available at their WWW site.

Eberhard Mattes' gcc-port emx is now available in version 0.9c. Among the updates are a new version of gdb, the debugger, which now can debug multithreaded processes, DLLs, and child processes. Also included is a preliminary version of pmgdb, a PM front-end for gdb. malloc() has been reimplemented, and is now faster, uses less memory, supports multiple heaps and can handle non-contiguous memory. stdio is now threadsafe, when linked with the multi-thread option (ie -Zmt). IBM TCP/IP 4.0 is now supported. Off course, many bugs are fixed and other improvements have been made. emx is based on GCC 2.7.2 and it is released under the GNU Public Licence. Because it is based on gcc, emx makes porting of UNIX programs much easier. Many programs do not even need a single change. And because it is free, it is a good starting platform for anyone wanting to try out OS/2 programming, especially if you are a master of compiler switches :) There is a nice front-end called Project Manager available from hobbes et al, if you do not want to bother to type the switches, but prefer ticking boxes instead. Look in the contrib directory.

Tony Ricciotti is compiling a list of OS/2 ISV's and Shareware authors to be published on the WWW. If you want to be on it, submit the following information to him at: ISV/Authors name Product name Mailing address (if available), Telephone # (if available) E-Mail address, WWW address, how/where to purchase the product He expects to have a first version finished in six to eight weeks.

Another site for Shareware authors to get publicity (or at least an entry in a database) is at the Shareware Author indeX, the SAX, available at You can search on keywords and specify the platform, and yes, OS/2 is available.

Timur Tabi, the author of the OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem, has created a page containing OS/2 programming links, it can be reached at http://www.shirenet. com/~crusader/Timur/os2prog.html. It contains lots of useful information, but more links are always welcome.

Are you looking for an OS/2 related job? Subscribe to the OS/2 Jobs list. Send subscribe os2jobs-l in the body of a message to

ColoradOS/2 1996 will be held the week of October 13 through 18 at Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado. This is the fifth annual ColoradOS/2 and will feature more than 80 tutorial sessions with subjects from "Adding Sound to Your OS/2 PM Application with MMPM/2" to "Writing OS/2 DLLs". Information is available at

If EDM/2 decides to send me to ColoradOS/2 (yeah, right), [As a stowaway maybe :) Since we make no money yet, it won't be for a while. If someone does want to cover it for us, I may be able to get free entry, though. Let me know. Ed.] I'll see you there; otherwise I'll be back in two weeks with some new information and hopefully some gossip around OS/2 programming.