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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster

  First of all, I apologize for the delay this month. It has been hectic. Since September 4th, when I returned from holiday, I have put together a whole issue from scratch, including one article and one column.
The very first topic I would like to write about is Larry Salomon, Jr., aka Q. He has been with EDM/2 since the very first issue, has been one of the editors since issue 1-04, and has formally been editor-in-chief since issue 1-06. In addition, he has written the popular Introduction to PM Programming column, as well as a number of articles. He was the one who took the magazine to the web when it boomed, and he has been the hardest-working member of EDM/2 for as long as I can remember. He is also the one who realized that if EDM is to grow in the long run, we need a magazine to cover each area of programming, not just OS/2. This was recently put in motion with the first "next" magazine, EDM/NT. But I digress. EDM/2 has had its ups and downs, but if it wasn't for Larry, it wouldn't still be here. As we move into a new era in EDM/2, please remember Larry as the one who kept it going when the times were difficult. I hope that he will continue to write for us from time to time. Thank you Larry.
I would also like to thank Gordon Zeglinski briefly, as he has been solid, writing an OOP column virtually every month since issue 2-01 with a minimum of fuss, but I won't elaborate here, since he is still writing away. Finally, I welcome our "new" columnists, Brad Scharf and Joe Wyatt, who in spite of occasional personal obstacles still write for us.
Due to other commitments, and a lack of "life", Larry recently asked me if I would assume the helm. It took me about 1 hour to decide. The main issue was not whether I wanted to do it, but whether I could find the time. I decided that it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and accepted.
Since I have been with EDM/2 for quite a while now, this isn't exactly an introduction, but let me just reacquaint you with me. I am a long-term part-time student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, where I am studying Computer Science after a (3 year) false start in Mechanical Engineering. I am an avid OS/2 user, and use other operating systems rarely (except for DOS, the Quake operating system). I also believe in being diverse, and spend serious time on both photography, guitar-playing and motorcycling.
I have been writing The Codesmith's Library since issue 2-03, although it started out with the less palpable name /dev/EDM2/BookReview. No wonder Larry asked me if I could change it. In any case, that directory is now called /Edm/BookReview, so the name didn't even mean anything any more. I have also written the occasional article, and finally I collect and edit goodies for The OS/2 API Project. I imagine that time will eventually force me to reconsider these commitments, however, so if anyone is really interested in doing, say The OS/2 API Project, or REXX or OS/2 programming book reviews, let me know. I haven't yet decided to stop doing it, but if a really good candidate shows up, I'll likely pass the responsibility on.

Now What?

For the first little while, I am going to learn the ropes, and pretty much leave the magazine alone. Well, apart from moving to an OS/2 e-Zine!-like distribution format, and redesigning the front page, that is. Larry and I always got along very well, and have similar opinions, so any other changes will likely be minor, barring unforeseen events. This issue, you will notice that I have collapsed articles into a single page. This change lowers the network load of reading an article, and should speed things up. Long articles may seem awkward at first, but I think that this change makes sense, so bear with me. There is a tendency for you to stay quiet unless something is wrong, so I ask that you make a point of letting me know if you like this change, to balance the ones who invariably speak up when changes are made. Other than that, I have tried to keep the magazine as original as possible this issue. I will discuss more possible changes next month if I think of any.
Here is a list of all changes I have made, most minor or site-management related:
  • redesigned front page
  • one directory per issue, ie. 0408 for this one
  • one common directory for repeated items, such as backgrounds
  • downloadable HTML available
  • new minimum article size: 1000+ words, ie. about 1 1/2 typed pages
  • stricter requirements for being a columnist (MUST write every month to retain status)
  • stricter requirements for submitting a series (MUST submit all installments before the first is published)
  • no old articles and columns on front page (these will be available through back issues, of course)
  • a new issue on the first Monday of each month, every month
  • single-page articles
  • fixed some minor inconsistencies, although there are more
  • less restrictions on emoticons :)

You will probably notice that you can still find all the old stuff on the site, but I haven't had a chance to convert everything yet, so please send me any inconsistencies you find.
My goal for EDM/2 is that every OS/2 developer on the web will visit us once a month, at least. For this to happen, I need submissions, feedback, and support.
So, that is all for this month. If you have any changes you have always wanted to see, mail me at and I will add it to the list of things to consider. I promise nothing except to keep an open mind.

Welcome to the new incarnation of EDM/2.