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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon Jr.

  I  give in! I give in! It seems that, as soon as we even think of eliminating the INF edition of EDM/2, we are buried in a barage of complaint-mail. (You folks are too nice to hate-mail us.) This time was no exception, so we're backing off again. After much more internal discussion, it was decided that... we will keep the INF edition. As it stands right now, I am still in charge of producing this edition of EDM/2.
We will publish a PHTML version. That's P as in personal and the entire string is pronounced "fit 'em all". (Yeah, I thought you'd like that.) Carsten will be producing this edition and he will insure that it works "right out of the box." The intent is that you simply run WebExplorer locally and everything else works. The links to other sections of the magazine will always work, and - if you're connected to the Internet - you get the bonus of having the other stuff work also. We are hoping to debut this next issue; more details will be forthcoming.
We will continue the Web site edition of EDM/2. (Whew!)


Since I've turned out to be "King Lemon" in the public relations department, we have given to Carsten the duties of public relations. So, if you have a bone to pick, a comment, or just feel like yelling, send them to Carsten. Nice email can still come to me. [grin] Seriously, Carsten has a better head for this stuff than I and he remembers the policies that we set amongst ourselves, whereas I tend to change them more often than I change clothes (but not my underwear).

Programming Contest

I won't give any specifics but look for an exciting announcement regarding this in the near future.

Another One Bites the Dust

McGraw Hill seems to no longer be interested in producing OS/2 titles, according to a prominent editor that was formerly employed by them. What I want to know is, "when were they ever interested in the first place?" The point is taken, however: people just don't see a future with OS/2.
I'm reminded of a good book by Lynn Hardy, Riddle of the Seven Realms, where - in a section of the book - fairies created worlds that survived of their own volition, but only as long as there was a will to survive. Will OS/2 die because more and more people "jump ship?" You be the judge.

Take a Byte

More than a severe case of indigestion, I spent all day Sunday in the bathroom recovering from a bout with food poisoning. It seems that I bit off more than my stomach could handle. Not that I'm making excuses, but it certainly didn't help the already much-delayed EDM/2 this month.
Did IBM bite off more than it could chew? Last week's Infoworld reported that OS/2-PPC and OpenDoc are both candidates for the chopping block if they don't make a strong business case for themselves after their next upgrade.
Upgrade? I still have yet to see the initial release! Maybe someone changed the definition when I wasn't looking.

By the Way...

The HTML edition of EDM/2 0403 is almost complete, so be patient. It should be available on Tuesday evening, unless I get diptheria or tetanus or some other exotic disease.

On the Other Hand

Last week I reported the demise of McGraw-Hill's OS/2 efforts. Well, this week I am pleased to report that the market for corporate education has seen higher demand lately, fueled by the decision of many to join the ranks in Redmond. This was told to me by a fairly well-to-do education provider who stated that finding good OS/2 instructors is becoming harder and harder, especially in a time where they have a greater need for them.


I get email from time-to-time from those who state that the graphics on this web site are of poor quality. It has been our policy that any graphics whose larger dimension exceeds 300 pels should be scaled down to decrease the amount of data to be downloaded. However, the original graphic may be viewed by clicking on the scaled-down version.

OS/2 Professional

Last week, I received the following from a colleague:

(&%*#@!, I hate it when I leave things at the office!)
Anyway, I received the introduction to OS/2 Magazine by Alan Zeichik (someone please correct that spelling!) to all of the former OS/2 Professional subscribers, saying how the latter publication is no longer in production and how an arrangement had been made between the two publications for the outstanding subscriptions to be fulfilled by OS/2 Magazine.
I wonder if Edwin Black's thesaurus ran out of different ways to say that "IBM sucks eggs" and "OS/2 is going to die a horrible death, but it's a fantastic operating system anyway."
It has been said that this is poetic justice done to one who supposedly had a hand in the demise of Joel Siragher's publication, which fell from grace so long ago that I no longer remember the name of it. Of course, I don't know anything about this rumor of underhanded politics (but I'd like to!).

Introduction to PM Programming

This is the second month in a row that I have not had time to write my share of EDM/2. It's not that I'm resting on my ass...I mean resting on my laurels; I've been too busy to write, given my involvement with the publication process. Since this is far from being an isolated incident, I've decided that it's time to pass this torch to someone else.
What I'm looking for is a knowledgeable person to step forward and claim the responsibility to teach those who do not know the ins and outs of PM. Or barring that, I'm looking for those who want this column to survive to find someone and harass them to death until they agree to do it, just to shut you up.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Start squeaking.

Individuals Need Not Apply

Do you work for a rich, money-hungry company? Does your boss (or your boss' boss, or your boss' boss' boss, etc.) "think about the business strategy" in Aruba? Does your company regularly issue paychecks? If so, we'd like to talk to someone there about increasing your exposure on the Internet (otherwise known as purchasing advertising space). Please tell us who we may contact with regards to helping us make our American Dream come true.