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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon Jr.

  WWell, here I am again, and I'm going to do what I did last month - concatenate the "From the Editor" sections together, liberally sprinkle the <BACKSPACE> key, and serve them up again as though fresh from the oven. However, you should read this month's title page, if you didn't last month, because you might miss some interesting things here that aren't anywhere else...

Gearing Up for Games Update

I received mail from Michael Duffy regarding the Gearing Up for Games series. Because he now works for Stardock Systems, he is working quite a lot up to 18 hours a day, trying to meet Christmas deadlines and such. However, he said he does have the code done for the next part of the series and simply needs to finish the text. Look for this to appear in February or soon after.

Missing in Action

I still haven't located Johan Wikman, however. He was writing the RMX-OS2 series, which I personally found quite interesting. Mail to him bounces and I have no other way of contacting him. If you do, please do and let me know how to contact him also.

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

I hope that our student readers did well on their finals, especially Carsten. He has suffered from a lack of time lately, which is why all of the typos slipped through the cracks on the December articles. I apologize for this, but English was never my best subject.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Before I begin this week's spew of talk, I would like to publicly thank Rocco Caputo for the immense and intense amount of help he provided to me last month on the Perl script that processes the new Search facility on the web site.

Eh? New Search facility?

If you haven't been keeping in touch with the net over the holidays, EDM/2 has announced (by the time you read this) a permanent home for the web version of the publication. (Actually, the home belongs to IQPac Inc. but who's counting?) The new URL of the magazine is There are a lot of things that are different there from what you were used to at the venus site. You might check out the press release that was posted to the various newsgroups.

If you've noticed, I've been trying harder to keep the community abreast of things via the newsgroups comp.os.os2.announce and comp.os.os2.programmer.*. My aim is to achieve the level of feedback that Trevor Smith (from OS/2 e-Zine!) provides in comp.os.os2.misc, but it will be difficult. In order to continue taking EDM/2 (and, to an extent, IQPac, Inc.) to higher levels, it is necessary to generate and maintain a high interest level for the magazine.

The point of this is that, although this is the preferred place for you to watch, you can also keep an eye out in the OS/2 newsgroups for the same and possibly additional information about EDM/2.

More Thanks to be Spread

This is where I would like to thank Rajv (as he is known in the #os/2 channel on IRC) for allowing EDM/2 to spend so much time at venus on his hardware. Without him, the web site would have "crashed and burned." Fortunately, there are always people out there who want to help out when help is sorely needed.

Another Call for Writers

Unfailingly, I get a letter or two every month from people asking if topic such-and-such would be interesting. Let me put this in a way everyone could understand:



Seriously, if you have a topic that is relevant to OS/2 development, we want you to write about it! Read the Article Submission Guidelines first and then start your keyboards!

Holiday Wishes

Although I am aware of the many religions that span our reader base, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday.

Ah, how I love the holidays. There isn't anything like lots of good music, food, and fellowship to brighten the days during the end of December.

You can keep the messes and the dirty dishes.

Anyway, my family decided to brave the winter cold in New York by coming up (from South Carolina!) to spend this week with my wife and I. It's been fun, and has kept us busy.


Speaking of busy, I've managed to talk to a couple of people despite the arrival of my family. It seems that we all got the same idea and decided to write a socket library to help us develop our TCP/IP applications. Of course, I did not think to ask whether they were planning to release the library to the general public. I would certainly hope so, however.

Myself, if my library ever matured to the point where it was generic enough to be usable from a variety of applications, I would release it. Of course, the ultimate goal for me is to fold the socket library into the Common/2 communications subsystem. The current implementation uses named pipes, but it would be nice to allow the application to use the same interface for both named pipes and sockets.

Managers and Such

Of course, such an approach is not without its design difficulties. Although named pipes are supported natively by OS/2, sockets are not, and the DLL's needed by TCP/IP may or may not be there. This immediately suggests either a bunch of DosLoadModule() and DosQueryProcAddr() calls by Common/2 (referred to as dynamic binding) or a set of statically bound DLL's which are called by Common/2. However, now I have to add error checking to insure that the application doesn't specify a protocol that isn't installed, etc.

As I said, this approach isn't without its difficulties.

No More PC Week, Infoworld, etc.

It's funny how I tout the web as the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet I find that I am at a loss, now that I no longer will be able to browse the printed versions of the weekly trade publications that I used to read. I guess I will now have to make an extra effort to set aside time at home to keep up-to-date on the goings-on in the world.

Does this mean the web will never entirely replace the printed publication? Well, I don't think any of us were naive enough to believe this in the first place. (Remember the "paperless office"?) However, I do think that industry analysts overestimate the worth of the web, from the user's point of view. I guess that, until ISDN and other forms of high speed, digital communication capabilities become available and more popular, the status quo will rule. Watch, though, for the day when it changes, because I believe it will change quickly.

New Books

'Ever wanted to write a book? Although OS/2 seems to be catching up to Windows in terms of the number of books it has available, it still has quite a long way to go. If you think you have the ability and the time and the desire to stay committed to completing a tome, then you should see what you can do to get a publisher to sponsor you. This thought arose because it seems that I've started receiving more and more notes that begin with: "since you have made the rounds in book publishing..."