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Questions and Answers

Written by Larry Salomon, Jr. et al.

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Thanks, But How Much Will It Cost Me?

Joe R Wyatt ( writes:

"What a gem! As a new Internet user I was really pleased when I ran across your electronic magazine. I've only downloaded the February 95 issue, but plan to get the rest. Firstly, I'd like to extend my 'Thank You's' for your efforts in getting this publication out. Secondly, I'd like to see what would be involved in setting the back issues up in my company for other developers (we probably have around 100 OS/2 developers in house). If there are any licensing fees for making these editions public to our staff please let me know. The intention is to distribute them via public applications on LAN server."

EDM/2 responds:

Thanks for the kudos. There are no licensing fees nor may any fees be charged for the magazine, save for the cost of distributing it. Please refer to the legal-ese at the beginning of each issue for more information.

Edwin Groothuis ( writes:

"I missed the PM Programming column in the last edition of EDM/2. This is too bad, but I think I've come so far with OS/2 PM programming that I've learned enough of your lessons about it. Too bad it didn't result into a job in the OS/2 world (My job will start on April 1 as a Software Specialist at Philips Communications & Processing Services). Thank you for the time and money you've put into EDM/2 and I hope I will receive many more editions of it."

EDM/2 responds:

Good luck at your new job and thank you for your kudos.

Session Manager APIs

Peter Kay ( writes:

"Ages ago you noted on Usenet that you had received the function prototypes for the Session Manager API; is there any chance of detailing that some time? What exactly are they - information about each program in the task list or how to hook into the tasklist? (We all know OS/2 needs a new tasklist, but TaskBar 2.0 is pretty nifty.)"

EDM/2 responds:

Yes, we would like to make these available...if we can find out where we put them.

Going for Broke?

Peter Cassetta ( writes:

"I always enjoy reading your editor's notes at the beginning of each issue. At one point you mentioned some very interesting things about EDM/2 generating income some day. I imagine this is through paid subscriptions or advertising, but in any event, you sure did get me curious. As soon as you feel free to divulge more about this, I'm sure lots of readers would be interested to know where EDM/2 is headed in this regard."

EDM/2 responds:

You have a very good point, one that is long overdue in addressing. IQPac Inc. has expressed that EDM/2 will continue to remain free-of-charge to its readers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce then that revenues will be earned through the sale of advertising space. 'Nuff said.

Well, How 'Bout Going For the Web Instead?

Marc Van-Woerkom ( writes:

"So - have you already thought about converting the IPF EDM/2 issues to the HTML language? (Or are the volumes already readable from some WWW page?)

I believe finding some server to carry the EDM/2 WWW page permanently then, would pose no problem, for even IBM offers to download EDM/2 from their home page.

If there's no tool around for converting, I'll have time again end of May to do a conversion."

EDM/2 responds:

We won't deny that the thought has crossed our minds; however, the primary objective at this point is the commercialization of EDM/2. After this has been accomplished, we will be able to spread out more (hopefully) into other areas.

Robert McDermid ( writes:

Hello, I had a couple of things regarding EDM/2 that I wanted to write to you about. First, let me complement you on the excellent quality of the publication. It is my most used OS/2 resource, by far!

Second, regarding your search for an alternate format for distributing EDM/2 in. While I recognize the reasons for wanting to do so, I do hope that you will continue to distribute in .INF format as well as whatever the new format is, as it is very convenient and fast for viewing under OS/2. Also, may I suggest as a possibility for the new format, to distribute in HTML format. Almost everyone now has access to an HTML viewer, or can freely get such a viewer, such as NetScape or Mosaic. Also, the format is similar to IPF and there already exist some tools for converting from IPF to HTML.

Third, I have a (very) small code snippet. The following lines of code will run the system editor (assuming that you installed OS/2 on the C: drive):

   HOBJECT hobj;

   hobj = WinQueryObject("c:\\os2\\e.exe");
   WinSetObjectData(hobj, "OPEN=DEFAULT");

The nice thing about this code is that it can be used to open any WPS object, including executable files, and data files. So, you can use these two lines of code to run a DOS, OS/2 PM or text mode program, or a Windows program. This is a lot simpler than trying to use DosStartSession if all you want to do is fire up some little utility! Also, if you specify a data file, the program associated with it will be run, exactly if you had double-clicked on the file object in the WPS. For example, if you do a

   hobj = WinQueryObject("c:\\os2\\bitmap\\brick.bmp");
   WinSetObjectData(hobj, "OPEN=DEFAULT");
then the Icon Editor will be opened and BRICK.BMP will be loaded (assuming you have not changed the default associations).

The only thing to beware of is that the argument to WinQueryObject must be the fully qualified path name of the file you want to open. The default path is not searched by this function. Amazingly enough, this code will work as well from an OS/2 text mode program as from a PM program.

Fourth, I would like to write an article for EDM/2. The article will be about encapsulating the OS/2 extended attributes in C++ classes. I recently wrote a short program to modify an extended attribute of a file, and found the interface to be extremely difficult to use, so I created some C++ classes that make this process much easier. I think it will probably be a two part article. The first part will deal with setting up the base class and some derived classes for handling some of the simpler extended attribute types, finishing up with a class encapsulating the .LONGNAME attribute, and a short program to query and set this attribute. The second part will deal with the more complex EAs, such as the MVMT and MVST eas, and will make use of these to encapsulate the .TYPE class and write a small program that let's you change the file type of a file (which is a very useful utility to have by the way and is what I started out to write in the first place). The code I will be working from is already written and debugged, so I shouldn't have too much trouble getting the article ready before next month's deadline.

Once again, congratulations on an excellent publication.

EDM/2 responds:

We're considering options for distribution when the new format is to begin, but we're not making any guarantees except that everyone will be able to view the magazine at no cost to them.

Regarding your desire to write an article, we're always looking for new authors. Look at the "Contributors to this Issue" section for information on writing for the magazine.