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From the Editor

Written by Larry Salomon, Jr.


This month is unusual. It went by too quickly (that's what happens when you release the previous issue only 3 weeks before) and I have little to say here in this issue. I'll try my best to astound you with feats of glibness, however.

Please Note

Our new mailing address is listed below:

IQPac Inc.
7 East Broadway, Box 804
New York, NY 10038

And Please Note

EDM/2 now has a new "logo" (if I may call it that). To me, it signifies the opening of a door into the unknown with the magazine as the catalyst on your journey to higher learning as an OS/2 developer. Let me know what you think of it (looks great, the other was better, throw it out).

Retirements Desired (Apply Within)

Contrary to popular belief (including Spencer the Katt's column in PC Week), Lee Reiswig is not retiring. I got this from Lee himself, in a reply to email that I sent to him asking him to set the record straight.

I admit I was quite relieved to read this; Lee has always been the vanguard in the OS/2 army and it would be a sore blow to lose him to politics. "Don't decapitate your generals," I once read, "because it's hard to ask them for advice later when the battle comes."


I shouldn't spoil the fun for Wayne, but I can't hold it back anymore; I have accepted an offer from Wayne Kovsky to teach two of the classes previously sired by Rick Fishman at this year's ColoradOS/2. So, while it will be too early to ski in Colorado during the week of the conference, I will still be enjoying the scenery - Bass Ale, beautiful women (just kidding, Lisa), etc. - and I hope to see many of you there too.

Just Call Me Rodney

I still haven't heard from the prize bearers for the Reader's Choice Award winners, but then again I haven't been able to do much from my end either. I feel a desire to do this, since I cannot pay the authors, but working an hour away from home doesn't leave much time for me to follow up on things like this. I will try harder this month.

Kudos to Pete

We received a number of pieces of email complimenting Pete Cassetta on his article, "Building Smaller OS/2 Executables". Pete finishes the two-part series this month. Look out for a related article by the author of LXOPT coming soon to an issue near you.

New Features

EDM/2 would like to introduce a section (entitled for the moment "Announcements") for new, development-related products (software or otherwise) that were released since the previous issue. Please send the corresponding press releases to one of the editors for inclusion in the following issue.

Again I will make my plea for new columnists. EDM/2 is looking to expand into other highly-desired topics, such as graphics, multimedia, and WPS programming. While we take the risk of having a column on every topic imaginable, we feel that certain topics are popular enough that a column is warranted. Those who are interested in becoming rich, famous, and seeing their name every month (okay, so 1 out of 3 isn't a complete disaster) should be extremely well-acquainted with the topic they wish to write about and be able to commit to writing a monthly column. Please send email to one of the editors if you are interested.

A Quick Reminder

To all authors and potential authors: please insure that you have the latest version of the Article Submission Guidelines (last updated in February) before you begin writing. Thank you for your support.

IBM Independent Vendor League
IVL News Service
OS/2 Warp Training for Developers

Designing Graphical and Object-Oriented User Interfaces is a new three-day course offered by Interface Design and Development. The course focuses on building application objects and interfaces in the OS/2 Warp environment. The workshop-based agenda is intended for developers, designers, managers, technical writers and others involved in the creation of usable software.

Course topics include GUI design guidelines, object-oriented user interfaces, the effective use of color and layout in windows, user GUI core skills, how and when to use window elements, controls and menus, establishing corporate interface guidelines and usability goals and measurements. The course also includes a hands-on GUI-OOUI design workshop based on a case study scenario.

Developed and taught by Theo Mandel, Ph.D., author of the book, The GUI-OOUI War: Windows vs. OS/2, The Designer's Guide to Human-Computer Interfaces (reviewed this month, Ed. note) published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, the course is offered as either an on-site or public course, and additional consulting services are also available. For more information, e-mail or voice/fax (512) 345-2259.

Interface Design and Development, a software consulting and education company, and Theo Mandel, Ph.D. are members of IBM's Independent Vendor League (IVL). The IVL supports individuals and companies who develop and market books, newsletters, magazines, training videos, courseware and consulting services for OS/2 and other IBM personal software products.

This news release is from the IBM IVL News Service and may be freely copied and distributed. For information about the IVL, call (203) 452-7704, fax (203) 268-1075 or e-mail Send news and distribution changes to

OS/2 Forum on Microsoft Network

I'm pleased to announce that the Microsoft Network's OS/2 Forum is open for business! Moderated discussion, a growing software library, live chat, Internet mail, USENET News (soon). Plus, for a limited time it's free!

Release of OS/2 CONNECT

PALM HARBOR, FL - M. Bryce & Associates, Inc. (MBA) has released the maiden issue of a new OS/2 newsletter, OS/2 CONNECT, containing the names, numbers, and addresses of key OS/2 contacts, along with pertinent news and a calendar of events. The intent of OS/2 CONNECT is to become a desktop repository for sources of OS/2 information. The scope of the publication is international in nature and contains OS/2 contacts worldwide, including user groups, Team OS/2 members, bulletin boards, and Internet addresses.

The new publication is produced monthly and distributed free of charge as an INF file suitable for viewing with the standard OS/2 VIEW program (VIEW.EXE).

OS/2 CONNECT is distributed electronically through computer networks and bulletin boards, such as:


America Online - Available in the "OS/2 Newsletters" section

CompuServe - Available in the "IBM OS/2 Users+ Forum"; "Documentation" section.

IBM Link

Bulletin boards

(Available as CON0495.ZIP)

OS/2 Shareware Fairfax, Virginia - 703/385-7849
Information Overload Atlanta, GA - 404/471-1549 or 404/471-6369
Greater Online Chicago Illinois - 708/895-4042
Pyramid/2 Palo Alto, CA - 415/494-7497
OS/2 Northwest Seattle, WA - 206-957-4513
Spectre Los Angeles, CA - 714/751-9307
The "PRIDE" Network Tampa, FL - 813/786-4864

It is also available on many other bulletin boards of OS/2 user groups.

Also, look for OS/2 CONNECT to appear on the World Wide Web with URL:

OS/2 CONNECT is published by MBA, an independent company that is not related in any way to IBM. Use of the name OS/2 in the title has been granted by IBM.

ISSN: 1081-4892

For questions regarding OS/2 CONNECT, contact the publisher at:

M. Bryce & Associates, Inc.
777 Alderman Road
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
United States

Tel: 813/786-4567
Fax: 813/786-4765
BBS: 813/786-4864
IBM Link: DEV2643
CompuServe: 76235,2364

OS/2 and IBM are the registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.

OS/2 Device Driver Repository

There is an OS/2 Device Driver Repository available to anyone with Internet access. The repository contains many hundreds of megabytes of files, mostly OS/2 device drivers and some information (hints & tips) files.

The repository can be accessed on the World Wide Web (WWW) using a Web browser program such as WebExplorer, available as part of the Internet Access Kit (IAK) in OS/2 Warp, or via FTP command. The addresses for the server are:

From a Web browser:

Or via FTP:, and then change to /psmemea/os2drivers/

When accessing from FTP, use anonymous as the logon userid, and when prompted for a password give it your full Internet userid (for example,